Hall Art

Art Hall’s high school production of “It’s a Wonderful Life” introduced him to thrill of live theatre. He went on to appear in nearly every production at Chesapeake High until his graduation. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance at the University of Maryland while appearing in many of the department’s productions including “The Crucible,” “SubUrbia,” “Our Town,” “Scapin,” and “Standing on My Knees.” Also while at college—and only 20 years old—he co-wrote/produced/starred and directed the independent feature-length comedy The Money Shot, which is so bad it’s good.

In Los Angeles he continued his studies at the Howard Fine Studio and completed the 2-year Meisner program at the William Alderson Acting Studio. He has worked with the West Coast Ensemble, the Newport Theatre Arts Center, and The Gallery Theatre. He became a member of the OFTC in 2017 and currently acts as their Director of Facilities.