Alternative Reality

Welcome to Your Alternative Reality

A liberal journalist working for a right wing news program.   An octogenarian stressing about the future of the planet. High level government leakers in love.
A dry cleaner who might be our next president.  What do they have in common? They are all stuck in this strange new post-election world we live in.   A series of interwoven one acts and sketches, “Welcome to Your Alternative Reality” is the antidote to the low level thrum of anxiety running through all our lives. It’s a bracing tonic of laughter and lunacy designed to take the edge off your week.
RECOMMENDED… Top 10… plunges us into an entirely insane alternate reality that somehow feels more logical and sane than the current state of our nation.  The direction is sharp, well-paced, clean…. Buckle up folks, you’re in for one hell of a ride! (My exclamation mark)  STAGE RAW
“A versatile ensemble with comic chops and a crisp sense of timing,”…..”An entertaining evening, with the promise of diversion from the twisted lunacy of today’s headlines amply fulfilled.”   CAPITAL AND MAIN
“A triumph… in your face lampooning, akin to something one might see on “Saturday Nite Live” only better, smarter, and funnier”   THEATER NOTES
“An entertaining antidote to a world where actual news is deemed fake and outright lies are dubbed ‘alternative facts.’…. “Serves up more than enough laughs to justify a visit to Open Fist.”  STAGESCENELA