Walking to Buchenwald

Broadway World
A WALK DEFINITELY WORTH TAKING… strong performances of [Jacobson’s] three-dimensional characters… This is one WALK you won’t soon forget” — Gil Kaan
Stage and Cinema
KEEPS US RIVETED… gives us hope—and a lot to think about… I might just get a ticket to see the show again.”
— Samuel Garza Bernstein
Living Out Loud 
SHARP, FUNNY AND AUDACIOUS…  Catch it while you can.” — Francisco Reyes
Cultural, national and gender identity; politics; marriage; death; and the mutability of theater are some of the many motifs that run through playwright Tom Jacobson’s deceptively sweet story in which a soon-to-be-married couple, Schiller and Arjay, take Schiller’s parents on their first trip to Europe. Using his personal experience as a jumping off point, Jacobson takes the audience on an ominously comic journey during which guinea pigs play cricket, dead bodies talk and the two couples learn what it means to be American in a world that no longer admires the U.S.
Experience both versions to see how gender impacts the story!
“Die Damen”: 
Mandy Schneider and Amielynn Abellera as Schiller and Arjay
“Die Herren”:
Christopher Cappiello and Justin Huen as Schiller and Arjay

Cast Photography