Banker Tisha Terrasini

Tisha Terrasini Banker

Tisha Terrasini Banker is thrilled to be back performing at Open Fist, her first artistic home in LA! And she is equally thrilled to be working with Ron West and Catherine Butterfield again. Some of her favorite theater experiences are: The Book of Liz, Life Expectancy, The Idiot Box, Because They Have No Words, Seven Santas, and Flight. Her TV credits include: Pretty the Series, Growing up Fischer, Welcome to the Family, Criminal Minds, Beware the Batman, Duck Dodgers, Raising the Bar, Leverage, Sleeper Cell, and Joey. If you need any more information about her, please just Google-stalk her like a normal person. Thanks to her uber-supportive husband, Mark, and her decidedly non-supportive kids, Athena and Atticus, for letting mom go play onstage for awhile.

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