James Laura

Laura James has been in the theatrical media for over 35 years as an actress, director, teacher. Her career spans performances in England, Italy, Hong Kong, East Africa. Films include Raging Bull, Losin’ It, And the Band Played On. She has worked extensively on network TV, in soaps and episodics. Her numerous stage credits at: The Old Globe , SD; SF Shakespeare Festival, El Portal, Tiffany, etc.,etc. She has performed two one woman shows: Gertrude Stein’s, Ms Furr and Ms Skeene and Virginia Woolfe, in her Own Words, featured at the John Anson Ford and L.A. Women’s Festival. She has played numerous roles in TW productions, as well as having taught and directed Petrified Forest and one-person shows there. Directed Skin of Our Teeth: Idyllwyld Conservatory; Quartet and Dinner With Friends at Theatre 40. Taught/ directed at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for many years. Taught film at Columbia College, Hwood and currently SAG Film Conservatory. Member of Actor’s Studio.

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