Looking Back- 

The Open Fist Theatre Company is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are fully tax-deductible, and upon request we will happily furnish a receipt for your records.

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Please contact us at info@openfist.org.

Although 2013 was not without challenges - the Open Fist has been VERY good this year! We are hoping that Santa (and all of you, our faithful friends, family and patrons) will be good to us as well!

Oh, and yes – I did say it was not without challenges. Not the least of which was saying goodbye to our Hollywood home in the middle of 2013.

We have had to, without much notice, completely move out of our space and relocate all of our wonderful props, costumes and set pieces to our new warehouse space. This came up quickly and without a lot of warning. Now, more than ever, the Open Fist needs your help. A little or a lot – we can use it. We look forward to a bright 2014!

Thank you.

Here’s just a few ways that your donation today can make a difference for the Fist:

Donate $5 Cover 5% of our POSTCARDS
Feed an actor
donate $10 Cover 5% of our PROGRAMS!
donate $25 Cover PROP FOOD for a weekend of performances!
donate $50 Cover an ACTOR'S COSTUME!
OFTC curse
donate $100 Cover a week of PIANO RENTAL!
donate $250 Cover a group DIALECT COACHING Session!
donate $500 Cover a DESIGNER'S fee!
Wood and paint
donate $1,000 Cover a DESIGN budget!
Mad Forest
donate $5,000 Cover the ROYALTIES for performance!
donate $10,000

Cover the RENT on our Theatre space!

donate other amount Create your own: designate whatever amount works for you. Even if it's a dollar. Our hat's off to you!
hats off

And should you prefer to mail your donation, simply make checks out to:

The Open Fist Theatre
14535 Arminta Street, Unit E
Van Nuys, CA 91402

Thanks So Much For Continuing to Support The Open Fist.  Together we’re fighting the good fight!

Please also check out our Gift Shop, and get more information about our Annual Fundraising Benefit Gala!