If you are interested in auditioning, please email your headshot & resume to:

Laura Richardson, Membership Director or (323) 882-6912

You may also mail your headshot and resume to:

The Open Fist Theatre
Attention: Laura Richardson/Membership
6209 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038

If you are interested in joining the company as a technical or non-acting member (writer, stage manager, designer, etc.) please designate that in your communications. You will have an interview in lieu of an audition.

You Should Know:

1. The Open Fist Theatre Company was established in 1990 and was located at 1625 N. La Brea until June 2005. The space was bought out by developers and we were forced to move to 6209 Santa Monica Blvd. Luckily it is an equally large and amazing space, formally the home of the Actors Gang.
2. There is an average of 60 members in the Company.
3. We produce between five and seven Main Stage shows each season. We additionally produce late-night shows, one-acts, scene nights, and workshops several times each season.

Member Benefits

1. Main Stage productions are exclusively cast from the pool of Company Members, both Reserve and Full. Outside actors are only considered if a Member cannot appropriately fill the role.
2. Every member has the opportunity to propose works for production by the Company. Generating new work is part of our mission, and we encourage our members to bring their ideas to life.
3. We frequently offer classes and workshops of differing nature to enhance our sense of ensemble and growth. Members may attend company-sponsored classes at no additional charge or a greatly reduced fee.
4. As a member of the Company, you may use our Home for rehearsals or classes of any nature when it is available.
5. All technical or non-acting members will have opportunities to work on their expertise whether it be designing or building a set, writing a new work for the company to produce, etc.
6. The Open Fist has always fostered a "second-family" atmosphere. If you make an effort you will more than likely create lasting friendships, have great networking resources and discover an artistic home-away-from-home.

Member Requirements

1. We have one of the best theatrical spaces in the city. We pay for it with dues. Every new Reserve member must pay $85 per month until they earn a promotion to Full member, at which time the dues drop to $55 per month. There is no set length of time you might remain a Reserve member, although the average is around six months. Promotion is based upon commitment, involvement, attitude, and growth. Non-acting members are not required to pay dues.
2. Every member must support each project we produce in some way. The intimate size of our Company requires that we all pull together. Every member is required to participate in one crew during the season (light board op, props, etc.) Members are also required to House Crew a few times for each show when not performing or doing a running crew. This includes Box Office, Concessions and Ushering.
3. Every member must attend the Strike and Build of every Mainstage show. Build hours are frequently flexible.
4. Every member must help keep our theatre maintained and our Company running as a business. We need your help whether you can do our taxes or repair our dressing rooms. Each Staff Member is head of a niche to which you can contribute. You can choose your niche dependent upon your personal interests and skills. Time commitment is usually very flexible.
5. Every member must attend a Company Meeting the first Tuesday of each month.

The Audition Itself

1. You must secure an appointment with our Membership Director if you wish to audition. See above for contact details.
2. Prepare two monologues of two minutes each; one classical and one contemporary. The classical monologue need not be Shakespeare, but must show that you are comfortable with heightened and non-contemporary language. It can include Dryden, Ibsen, Chekhov, etc.
3. The audition will be held in the theatre at 6209 Santa Monica Blvd., between Vine and El Centro in Hollywood.
4. Bring a hardcopy of your headshot and resume.
5. Be ready to continue working after performing your pieces; you may be given direction or adjustments.
6. Your audition will be viewed by two to five Staff/Company Members.
7. After you perform you will be asked a few questions. You will also be given the opportunity to ask us questions as well.
8. The Membership Director will contact you within 10 days of your audition.