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‘Anatomy of Gray’

Jim Leonard will finally receive its Los Angeles premiere when Open Fist Theatre Company presents Anatomy of Gray. Directed by Ben Martin.

Set at the end of the 19th century in the small town of Gray, Indiana, The Wizard of Oz meets Our Townin the Open Fist Theatre Company production of Anatomy of Gray, a funny and touching “children’s story for adults.” Following the death of her father, 15-year-old June prays for a “healer” so no one in town will ever have to suffer again. When a man literally blows into town in a hot air balloon, she thinks her prayer has been answered. At first, the new doctor cures anything and everything; but soon his presence leads to a clash between faith and science.

Starring Lane AllisonRosie ByrneMartha DemsonJames FowlerJeremy GuskinAlex HogyErica Mae McNealRebekah PaugamAlina PhelanBeth RobbinsDebba RofheartAlexander Wells

Anatomy of Gray runs November 192022 through January 212023, with performances taking place on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m. (dark Friday, Nov. 25 and December 18 through January 6).

General admission to all performances is $30, with $20 tickets available to seniors and $15 tickets available to students with valid ID. Appropriate for ages 10 and up.

Previews are on November 17th & November 18th.
(Previews are PWYC-pay what you can)

Every Thursday

September 15. Anchor: Fay Gauthier. Guest: Matt Phairas. Cast: Jack Sharpe, Robert Chan!-Clarke, Ryan Ransom, Brian Nichols, Spencer Cantrell, Alice Kors, Ilene Yang, Amy Moorman, Stevie-Jean Placek, and Janel Benisch.

September 21. Anchor: George Caleodis. Guest: Tawny Dolley. Cast: Eric Carthen, Ed Glazer, Hank Jacobs, Randall Gibbs, Bryan Bertone, Kiley Eberhardt, Stephanie Crothers, Tisha Terrasini Banker, Stevie-Jean Placek, and Ash Saunders.

September 29. Anchor: Fay Gauthier. Guest: Rose Abdoo. Cast: Elle Engelman, Ash Saunders, Jade Santana, Jennifer Polonia, Alice Kors, Jaya Subramanian, Amy Moorman, Rebecca Velez, Marion Dunham, and Amanda Weier.

October 13. Anchor: George Caleodis. Guest: Natalie Storrs Anderson. Cast: Jack Sharpe, Sean David, Spencer Cantrell, Brian Vestal, Derek Manson, Emma Bruno, Ash
Saunders, Elle Engelman, and Carmela Jenkins.

October 20. Anchor: Rebecca Sohn. Guest: Kiff VandenHeuvel. Cast: Ed Glazer, Lou Saliba, Paul Heredia, Ryan Ransom, Conor Lane, Jaya Subramanian, Carrie-ann Pishnak, Mariah Morgenstern, and Stephanie Crothers.

October 27. Anchor: Fay Gauthier. Guest: Craig Cackowski. Cast: Jack Sharpe, David Doman, Hank Jacobs, Jose Acain, Brendan Mulally, Amanda Weier, Teru Mitsuhara, Emma Bruno, and Ash Saunders.

November 03. Anchor: Fay Gauthier. Guest: Olivia D’abo. Cast: Ed Glazer, Brian Vestal, Derek Manson, Byron Gonzalez, Ryan Ransom, Stevie-Jean Placek, Teru Mitsuhara,
Carrie-ann Pishnak, and Amanda Weier.

November 10. Anchor: George Caleodis. Guest: Rob Nagle. Cast: Jack Sharpe, Bryan Bertone, Hank Jacobs, Eric Carthen, David Gironda, Jaya Subramanian, Mariah Morgenstern, Ash Saunders, Elle Engelman, and Stephanie Sanchez.

The Open Fist Theatre Company stands with the BIPOC community, including the AAPI people within it. We believe it is every human being’s right to participate equally in our institutions and communities – to be treated equally, to have their voices heard, and to have access to equal justice.

We are committed to being a part of the radical change that is needed to dismantle oppressive systems for good, specifically the system of white supremacy. We take a firm anti-racist stance and will not tolerate anything less than that in our role as storytellers and theatre-makers.

We are also committed to celebrating, uplifting, and centering the voices and stories of people of color, with the understanding that the theatre arts serve an important role in the movement towards inclusivity and liberation.


OFTC Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement


Open Fist Theatre Company believes it is every human being’s right to participate equally in our institutions and communities, to be treated equally under the Law, and to have access to equal justice. This is reflected by the company’s name, which combines the notion that an open spirit — embracing all people and ideas — is essential, with the idea that determination — signified by a fist — is necessary, if the theater is to remain a vital voice for social change and awareness. We are committed to being a part of the radical change that is needed to dismantle oppressive systems for good. Our policy is to take a firm anti-racist stance and will not tolerate anything less in our role as storytellers and theatre-makers.


Open Fist recognizes that past productions did not fully embrace or foster the diverse community we strive to create. We are addressing and correcting these inequities by becoming more deliberate in our inclusion of diverse artists and sharing these perspectives through the work we create. We continue to seek diverse voices for our Board and staff and challenge ourselves to speak to broader audiences. We have adopted a continuous learning mindset and understand that our racial equity work will evolve as we grow.


Open Fist Theatre Company remains committed to the creative empowerment of all its writers, directors, actors and designers; to sustaining a community that practices authentic inclusivity with the greatest possible diversity of age, race, ethnicity, ability, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-economic backgrounds; and to engaging an audience of similar diversity in order to unlock the potential of imagination and storytelling to build a better world. Together, the Company and its patrons strive to nurture empathy by embracing and celebrating differences, and by affirming the value and agency of all human beings.

OFTC COVID Safety Protocols:

As Open Fist Theatre Company returns to live performances at Atwater Village Theatre, we want our patrons to know that their safety is our top priority. All of our artists and production staff have been vaccinated and the production schedule at the facility has been coordinated so that audiences will arrive at separate times.

* Proof of vaccination will be required of all patrons, and masks required throughout the performance.

* Admittance is limited to ages 12+.

* Theater ventilation systems have been upgraded to the industry standard for COVID-19 protection. (For those who want details: our HVAC system now runs with MERV 13 filters and increased outside air. Supplemental HEPA13 air purifiers backstage and in the auditorium ensure at least 6 air changes per hour)

* As long as the rate of COVID transmission in Los Angeles County remains “substantial,” household groups will be separated by six feet on all sides.

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We look forward to welcoming you back to the theatre!

Thank you for your support of the Open Fist Theatre Company.